Big Coulee Farms uses farming practices and techniques pioneered by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in West Virginia. Our animals all enjoy the sun, grass and are the very definition of pasture raised.

What We Do
Big Coulee Farms is a small farm family in an ongoing journey of holistic management practices focused on developing:
Healthy soil with abundant microbial activity
Lush, solar-absorbing, carbon-sequestering pastures
Bio-diversity in vegetation and wildlife
Contented, healthy livestock, seasonally raised in balance with nature, and moved to fresh clean forage as needed
Excellent quality, nutrient dense and tasty products
Consistent, growing, loyal, happy, supportive and healthy customers
Continued education in holistic management principles for ourselves, customers and community

We Specialize In

  • Pasture Raised Chicken
  • Pasture Raised Turkey
  • Pasture Raised Beef
  • Pasture Raised Pork
  • Pasture Raised Eggs

All meat products are processed in provincial inspected plants, and are frozen at the processing plant.

Pasture Raised
Truly sustainable livestock farming requires the use of a pasture-based system. Pasture-raised animals roam freely in their natural environment where they’re able to eat nutritious grasses and other plants that their bodies are adapted to digest. In addition to dramatically improving the welfare of farm animals, pasturing also helps reduce environmental damage, and yields meat, eggs and fowl that are tastier and more nutritious than foods produced on factory farms. Pasture raised livestock are above and beyond simply “organic”. Learn more about pasture raised livestock.